By Beyond Learning

Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2009

Pick-Up Words

Can't get your kid to buckle down and learn her sight words? Make it a game! In this green version of the childhood classic, kids hold a bundle of 30 bamboo sticks in hand and release them onto a tabletop. Then players attempt to extract sticks without disturbing the others in the pile, by lifting carefully, pressing down on an end in lever-fashion, or flicking sticks aside with the help of a helper stick. But before they lift a stick, they need to read the sight word on its tip. The result? A fun way for kinders to practice and memorize the high-frequency words that are often a stumbling block for beginning readers, and work their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination in the process. With all pieces made of super green bamboo, the directions printed with vegetable ink, and the packaging completely made of recycled papers and plastic-- this is a game you can feel doubly good about. (Beyond Learning, $15.95)