By Moose Toys

Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2013

Playskool Showcam

This camera layers a whole new level onto imaginary play. Kids can play photographer, sure, but they can actually snap real pictures, then project their creations on the wall of the living room too! A giant yellow button makes adding super hero capes, mini-mustaches, and 50 other silly effects a snap, and kid-sized hand grips, easy scrolling, and other intuitive features make taking pictures a breeze for little hands. We the quality of the resulting pictures was better, so images would be good enough to print out and frame. As it is, this camera is long on fun factor, and light on picture quality. That said, for $50, this camera packs a ton of play and experimentation into a delightful package, perfect for young kids to learn to choose a subject, frame an image, and hold their hands steady. This gift would be great way to inspire your budding kinder photographer, without worrying about him dropping your iPhone. (Moose Toys, $49.69)