By Art Alternatives

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2013

Pocket Clutch Drawing Set

Writing expectations get more intense in fourth grade, and composing longer essays and stories requires a lot of hand endurance—but it can be tricky to get kids to pick up a pencil and maintain those hand muscles when school is out. If your child isn’t particularly interested in putting pencil to paper, give this cool drawing set a try. Pro artists use clutch drawing sets because they make sketching more enjoyable (unlike a regular pencil, they have a weight and balance that is always consistent). Many sets cost as much as $50, but this one includes similar upscale components at a nice price. The three graphite leads, lead holder, sharpener, and kneaded eraser all fit snugly into the aluminum case for on-the-go art anywhere, anytime. Fancy art equipment doesn’t make the artist, but having a set of quality, functional tools might just spark the urge to draw a comic book or a still-life. (Art Alternatives, $7.40)