By Gamewright

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

Pretty Darn Quick

Do you think you're QUiCk? How's your VocaBuLary?  The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game will help you find out! To play the game, three cards are placed face up in a row. Each card has a single letter on it, and players must immediately race to think of a word that uses each letter displayed, beginning with either the first or the last, and proceeding either left to right, or right to left. The word can be long or short and does not need to end with one of the letters on the table. The first player to ShOUt out a valid word wins that round and takes the cards (in a different variation of the game, the player to think up the longest word wins the round). After the whole deck is dealt, the player with the most cards is the PDQ champ!  This game is fun and educational, so challenge your child to a game of PDQ and strengthen vocabulary skills along the way!  (Gamewright, $7.99)