Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit

Learning how to taking care of living things is an important part of growing up - both in terms of gaining a solid understanding of biology, and fostering a sense of responsibility. A fish aquarium is a fun way for kids to take on the task, while adding a splash of life to a bedroom! This 12-gallon acrylic tank has a three-stage filtration system that's easy enough for your adolescent to maintain, while still requiring enough care to bring the lesson home. Panoramic viewing and a compact florescent light make for a beautiful display, and your child will love observing every move his fish make. With a tank this size, your child can choose to keep one large fish or several smaller fish (for beginning caretakers, we suggest goldfish and guppies.) A great starter aquarium that's made to last! (Eclipse, $92.99)