Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

Lab Luxury

Your girl is entering adolescence, and more likely than not she wants to experiment with lip gloss, perfumed soaps and bubble baths. This lab kit will tap into her natural curiosity while maximizing her interest in science. Not only does this kit introduce your child to the science of spa ingredients, it also teaches her the basics of scientific inquiry, such as forming a hypothesis, constructing an experiment, and coming to a conclusion. Learn about the chemical reactions in bath salts that make water fizz. Find out how soap works, and how milk baths soften the skin. The components, when used in the right amounts, are non-toxic and skin safe. The best part? The products of the experiments make great gifts for friends and family, such as a peppermint salt scrub for dad, luscious lip balm for mom, and soothing milk infusion for grandma. You'll have your budding spa scientist in the bath tub before you know it! (Be Amazing, $20.00)