By Faber and Faber

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

The Mousehunter

Mice may not be too popular in our world, but in Emiline's world, people don't run from them screaming: they collect them! Mousehunters roam to the far reaches of the earth, seeking out the most unique breeds - from the fearsome Sharpclaw to the rope weaving Rigger mouse. Twelve-year-old Emiline dreams of becoming a famous mousehunter, and one day, fate intervenes when she's given the chance to join the crew of Captain Devlin Drewshank and hunt down the infamous pirate Mousebeard. What follows is a high sea adventure full of mythical sea creatures, double-crossing pirates, mysterious islands, and of course, incredibly interesting mice. (Faber and Faber, $12.51)