By HearthSong

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

Woodburning Creations Kit

Kids and fire don't exactly go together like bread and butter, but let's face it: kids are naturally curious about things that burn. Harness your child's curiosity for good with this fun kit, which allows kids to burn and paint designs into a variety of wooden surfaces to make a picture frame, CD case, key chain, and more! The kit includes designs which can be stenciled onto the wooden pieces using carbon paper, but kids can also use their imaginations to burn their own designs straight onto the wood. As an added bonus, even the wooden box which contains the kit can be decorated with woodburned designs to make a cool all-purpose store-all! The kit comes with a woodburning stylus pen - the tip of which heats up when plugged in - so this toy is no joke. However, once your child gets the hang of it, he'll enjoy hours of concentrated creativity. (Hearthsong, $15.99)