By Leaps and Bounds

Reviewed for First Grade, 2008

FunSlides Carpet Skates

Being indoors doesn't have to mean sitting on your duff! These carpet skates can provide some great gross motor exercise when going outside just isn't an option. Carpet skating is like sliding on a hardwood floor in your socks, but better. Strap on these plastic planks, clear a safe space in your hallway or living room, and let the games begin! The smooth plastic base allows for great slip-sliding action on any type of carpet, and gripper groves in the toe area make walking and pushing off easy. In between all that slip-sliding away, your child will be building balance, coordination, core strength, and muscle control in his legs and back. One size fits all, so the whole family can join in on the fun. Make a judges table with voting cards and hold an Olympic competition. Go for Gold! (Leaps and Bounds, $19.95)