Reviewed for First Grade, 2008

Cesar Takes a Break

Cesar is the class pet in Ms. Lee's second grade room, and the luckiest iguana on the planet until disaster strikes...Spring Break! His 25 best friends race for the door and Cesar finds himself alone for the week. He's a puddle of sadness until Cesar decides to take a vacation of his own. He roams the halls of Pinebrook Elementary-- playing in the Principal's office, swimming in the classroom sink, getting toasty in the school cafeteria under the french fry heat lamp... In fact, he's having such a good time that he's tempted to stay on vacation forever. Will he come back to class when Monday rolls around? First graders will have fun trying to guess. A rowdy romp around school, written from the iguana perspective, this book has simple enough language for young readers to tackle it themselves, but it also works great as a read-aloud. (Sterling, $14.95)