Reviewed for First Grade, 2008

Deluxe Puppet Theater and a Gaggle of Puppets

Set the hands of the move-able clock, put out the chalkboard marquis, and part the velvet's showtime! This well-made wooden theater offers hours of imaginative play when combined with a gaggle of Melissa and Doug's plush puppets. From CPR-ready surgeons to bejeweled princesses, police officers to pirates, there are plenty of characters sure to capture the imagination of girls and boys alike. The puppets are reasonably priced and easy for even the smallest hands to operate, and as kids grow, they'll graduate from just manipulating the mouths, to working each puppet's removable hand-operating rod. Perfect for developing those storytelling skills, and turning a day cooped up inside into a dramatic adventure! (Melissa and Doug, $79.99 for theater, $14.99 for each puppet)