Reviewed for First Grade, 2008

Sudoku Jr. 4 x 4

Think Sudoku is too advanced for your first grader? Think again. This is a kid-friendly version of the popular puzzles, where numbers in a set must be placed in a grid, so that each row or column only contains one of each type. In this version, the 48 playing cards only contain the numbers 1-4, and children must place the color-coded tokens on the cards to complete the challenge. Start your child off with Level One, and as her spatial reasoning, logic, and number recognition skills improve, she can move up step-by-step through the 48 cards to Level Four. The tokens are magnetized, which adds to the fun-factor and helps your child stay organized as she plays. This game has the durability and staying power to grow with your child, and give her a leg up in math. First graders, we've got your number! (ThinkFun, $9.95)