By Patch

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2008

Buzzword Junior

Can you teach a kid to brainstorm? This game gives it a go, by challenging children's thinking skills in a creative, rapid-fast format. Based on the popular vocabulary-building game for older children, Buzzword Junior is a quick-moving game in which players have just 45 seconds to solve a given set of clues, all of which pertain to a specific "buzzword.” For example, if the buzzword is “bubble,” clues could consist of hints like: “You chew this and blow bubbles” (Bubble gum) and “This is used for packing boxes, and it’s fun to pop” (Bubble Wrap). It's a race against the clock, as each team works together to brainstorm the answers to as many clues as possible, before the timer's through. In addition to cultivating creativity, building vocabulary, and stressing teamwork, this game sharpens young minds like an interactive crossword puzzle. (Patch, $19.99)