Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2008

Kiki Magazine

Want to give your daughter something special in the mail? Sign her up for a subscription to "Kiki", a new magazine for girls with style and creativity. This isn't another glossy fashion mag showing perfectly airbrushed bodies; instead, it teaches girls how to nurture their own sense of style, rather than follow the pack. Each magazine takes the college fashion design curriculum and tweaks it to make it tween-appropriate. Kids explore business, fine art, world culture, and geography through the lens of fashion, and not only do they read about design, each issue lets them make their own creations. For example, your daughter might learn how to make a lunch bag out of an old jean pant leg, or how to turn a book into a funky little purse. She'll read articles about fashion designers from other parts of the world or learn about the history behind the school uniform. Plus, the magazine encourages its readers to interact with the magazine pages itself, by providing journaling and designing space with prompts like, "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? Whatever your power, you'll need a superhero disguise...create it here!" Fashion aside, the magazine also offers up tips on eating right, feeling confident, staying healthy, and finding a great book. Fierce! A one year subscription comes with four magazines for $36.