By Ravensburger

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2008

240 Piece Puzzleball

Wondering how to assemble a 3D globe out of 240 pieces? It's a puzzler, all right. But this puzzleball has all the components needed to make a spherical globe, including a display stand to show off your child's prize once it's been pieced together. Complete with colorful continents bursting with geographically accurate wildlife, the challenge of this globe is to learn which animals and terrain belong where (don't confuse the cheetah with the jaguar, or you'll be operating in the wrong continent all together!). Each small piece is slightly curved, and as the globe takes shape, you'll see the curvature of the Earth begin to form. Two-dimensional guide pieces allow you to see what your picture should look like in the end, and, with so much blue ocean, you'll need the help you can get! This puzzle packs a learning punch: not only does it support geographic awareness, it also helps to develop spatial ability and fine motor skills. A fun and educational activity for all seasons, the puzzleball is a well-rounded gift that's sure to please! (Ravensburger, $25.00)