Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2008

Square Up!

This game looks really easy when you see the box, but looks can be deceiving! Shake up the little canister and you'll get a random pattern of colored blocks, which players then race to duplicate on a flat tray of tiles. Sounds simple, but here's the twist: to make these designs, players can only slide the little pieces one by one, and it's a killer! The box says a 6 year old could do it. We can't imagine picking up this game until at least third grade. Having said that, Square Up! is one of those games that grows on kids, as they figure out how to slide squares in the most efficient way possible. Plus, it's a real boon for a fourth grader learning mathematics and science, because it builds good reasoning skills. Sure, it may take a few tries for kids to get the hang of it, but once they get pulled into this one, it's addictive! (Mindware, $20.00)