Reviewed for High School, 2008

iPod Touch with Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit

What if your iPod could talk to your running shoes? Well sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, because guess what? It can. Thanks to a collaboration between Apple and Nike, all new iPod Touch and Nanos now come ready to step in as Personal Trainer. Whether your teen needs help getting ready for that first marathon, or getting up that last hill, she can track her time, distance, pace, calories burned...even progress compared to other days, via iPod. Then when the run is over, she can hop on over to, download the data from her latest workout, and set goals, challenge friends, or just get geeky with the analytics.  A male or female voice announces milestones like "100 meters to go!" and runners can program a personal Power Song, for when that stomach cramp hits... (iPod Touch, $229; Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit, $29.95)