Reviewed for High School, 2008

BBC Knowledge Magazine

Who doesn't love the BBC? Delivering in-depth stories from around world to the curious mind, with just a dash of wry humor, the British Broadcasting Corporation has the news covered. And, now they have a magazine about science, history and nature to satiate minds via print. Out on shelves in the US for the first time in August 2008, Knowledge gives its readers just that. Teens can learn how cheetahs take care of their cubs, what scientists know about the nature of consciousness, or how online worlds will be used in the 21st century as virtual science labs. The content is adult, no doubt about it, yet sensationalist headlines like, "How to Build a Planet" and "From the Jaws of Extinction" keep the copy snappy and engaging. Two-page spreads of fascinating photography make the mag visually appealing and the writing brings complex topics into language that is vibrant and understandable. Your teen will be curled up in a brain fest on the couch before you know it. This is one glossy you'll be glad to tuck into her stocking this year. (Annual subscription $29.95)