By Adobe

Reviewed for High School, 2008

Lightroom 2

One of the beauties of digital photography is the fact that would-be Leibovitz's can shoot to their heart's content, without worrying about wasting film. On the flip side, one of the drawbacks of digital photography is the fact that there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of pictures to wade through when the shooting is done, and most of them stink. This software makes plucking the best from the bunch a breeze, with cool features that let you sort your shoots, view the contenders side-by-side, and then slide your favorites into buckets, much like one might cluster favorite songs into playlists. Visually intuitive and simple to use, the software also lets photographers tweak images-- adjusting color, tones, and exposure. If they get a little overzealous it's no problem-- every change is automatically tracked and saved, so you can return to any stage with a single click of the mouse. Then, once things are picture perfect, upload directly to Flickr or create a slide show that would make even the pros jealous. With this software, editing and organizing images is very much like taking them ... a snap! (Adobe, $299.99)