Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2008

Mailbox and Mail Set

Adults may take the postal service for granted, but for young kids, the process of sending and receiving mail is a mysterious and incredibly interesting phenomenon. Let them go postal, with this hand-painted wooden play set. Bright blue and ready-for-action, the box comes packed with everything but the truck! Kids can sort through a variety of colorful envelopes, attach removable stamps that magically stick to each letter through the miracle of Velcro, and maneuver a wooden key to unlock the postal-workers-only door. They'll love testing the mail to see which size fits in which slot (great practice for spatial reasoning!) and delivering it to everyone in the family. The set makes pretend play a blast. Plus, learning which people make a community run smoothly is one of the major components of kindergarten. Mail call! (Melissa and Doug, $39.99)