By Educational Insights

Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2008

Royal Rescue

Want to raise the next Frank Lloyd Wright or Albert Einstein? Get your budding architect or physicist off to an early start, by stretching her logic muscles with this beautiful wooden toy. The task at hand: a knight and a princess are locked in separate towers and they need a rescue route in order to reunite. But here's the catch, although there are close to a dozen blocks, kids must assemble a path using only those pieces specified in each challenge. That means a whole lot of creative problem solving and brainstorming! Designed to bulk up spatial reasoning skills and hone logical thinking, this toy is part building fun, part brainteaser. It comes with an illustrated book that begins with simple-to-solve scenarios, and moves up, page-by-page, to mind-benders that will test even the most seasoned puzzlers. In this castle complex, updated for modern times, sometimes the damsel in distress isn't a damsel at all... it's the knight, saved by his savvy sweetheart. (Educational Insights, $24.99)