Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2008

The Pencil

Once upon a time there was an extremely lonely pencil. Life was boring and sad until one day, the pencil quivered slightly and began to draw. He drew a boy, a dog, a cat... a whole world. But while his new friends were initially satisfied, they wanted to see life in color, so the pencil drew a paintbrush to transform their black-and-white world. Everything went along swimmingly until a naughty eraser arrived on the scene and started rubbing out all the pencil's hard work-- eliminating his world piece by piece. It takes some clever thinking indeed for the pencil to save the day. Not only will kindergarteners delight in the havoc, but they'll work on a major skill for the grade...prediction, as they try their best to guess what will happen next. (Candlewick, $16.99)