By Candlewick

Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2008

A Visitor for Bear

Bear does not like visitors. So when a bright-eyed mouse knocks on his door, wrangling for a cup of tea, bear tells him to go away. The problem is, the mouse keeps popping up again and again, and in the most unlikely places! Every time bear thinks he's rid of the rodent, there he is-- in the cupboard, the bread drawer, the fridge... Finally, bear agrees to let him stay for a small snack. But when it's time for the mouse to to go, bear realizes he can't bear to see him leave. A delightful slap-sticky saga, with engaging illustrations and broad lovable characters. Plus, underneath all the silly fun, a great way to start a discussion about how friends make life richer, and sugary tea even more sweet. (Candlewick, $16.99)