Reviewed for Middle School, 2008

Apple Nano

The Apple Nano is nothing new, but the new version has some features that will make it a hot item this year. First, color. Nine fabulous colors to be exact - from tangerine to hot pink, lemon yellow to lime green. Combine that with a longer, sleeker body, and a 2" wide screen that makes watching movies and videos a whole lot more fun, and it's no wonder tweens are begging to turn in their old models for fresh ones. Video aside, there's the music itself. These nanos come with a Genius feature, meant to act as a personal DJ, pairing songs from the music library that sound good together. Don't agree? Just shake the Nano to shuffle immediately to something else. With hundreds of audio books to download, thousands of podcasts, and lots of educational material (language tutorials, on-the-fly thesauruses...), there's certainly some learning potential here. And with thousands of developers now creating amazing apps and games especially for iPod, there's huge hip-factor, too. (Apple, $139.94)