Reviewed for Middle School, 2008

My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists

Could you remember the top television shows you liked, the times you got in the most trouble, or all the places you wanted to go one day...back when you were twelve? Didn't think so. Give your child a gift with the historical memory of a journal and the irresistible fun factor of personalized top ten lists. With Listography, every page has a new list topic: from "list what you would do if kids were in charge" to "list all the things you want to do when you grow up," kids can record their hopes, dreams, and memories while enjoying the cool and kooky illustrations. The best part? Don't tell them, but tweens will also be stretching their imaginations and working towards a notion of their own identities - two things that will help immensely when grownup time rolls around. (Chronicle Books, $12.95)