Reviewed for Middle School, 2008

Uluwatu Bamboo Longboard

Skateboarding is still cool, but these days, it's also practical. Sure, kids are still grinding tricks on old-school "street" boards, but many people (adults included) are finding that cruising to school and work on a smooth-turning "longboard" is the name of the skating game. That's because longboards are more stable and smooth than regular boards, and offer the opportunity to "carve" your way down a hill like a snowboarder on fresh powder. Longboards come in many shapes and sizes, but this pintail caught our eye: not only is it ultra smooth and manueverable, but its firm and flexy deck is made of eco-friendly bamboo. Earth-conscious exercise that's also cool as can be? It's a hop, skip and skate away. (Sector 9, $149.99)