Reviewed for Middle School, 2008


Why do cows stick their tongues up their nostrils?  These are the types of wild questions your kid will find in this bizarre game of bluffing.  After a player draws a card, he or she reads the question out loud, and then reads the answer to themselves.  At this point she may choose to tell the group the real answer to the question, or she can bluff, creating her own crazy answer.  The other players can call her bluff by yelling, "Malarky!" or they can accept the given answer as true.  Players who were not fooled move their game piece one space toward the finish line, while the fooled players gain no points.  On the flip side, the player who read the question and gave an answer, moves her game piece forward one point for each player she hoodwinked!  So, why do cows stick their tongues up their nostrils?  It's because they absorb important nutrients from licking what's inside... Believe it, or not? (Patch, $29.99)