By World Vision

Reviewed for Middle School, 2008

World Vision

It's easy to get caught up in the "what do I get" frenzy of the holiday season. You can make this year an eye-opener for your child by teaching her to spread love beyond her own doorstep. Start her out with a "giving budget" and a copy of the World Vision catalog, which contains a smorgasbord of poverty-fighting items to donate. World Vision is a Christian relief organization that serves the world's poor regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. YOur child can choose to give building supplies for families still recovering from Hurricane Katrina ($35), livestock for starving families in Africa ($195), bicycles so that children in India can get to school ($85). There are over a hundred gifts from which to choose, from goats to clean water. And you won't just be donating into a vacuum: your child will receive a card describing the impact the gift will have upon the life of the person in need. Not only will your middleschooler's heart grow bigger, but so will her global awareness. By becoming intimately familiar with what people need in many corners of the globe, she'll be learning about that area's infrastructure, climate, and demographics. In fact, she'll end up "getting" quite a lot!