Reviewed for Preschool, 2008

Art Time Easel

Parents, unhand the toolbox! This super-swank easel makes that screwdriver completely unnecessary. Made of just three pieces of earth-friendly and formaldehyde-free SmartWood, it assembles in a matter of minutes, simply by sliding each component into its matching groove. In other words, no tools, no hardware! Quick set-up means your kid will be up and at it in no time, whether she's making a finger-paint masterpiece, or working on a Picasso-esque self portrait. Just slide a standard 12x18 inch art pad underneath the top hook, drop it into place, and she's ready to rumble. Modernists rejoice-- this will fit in perfectly with your pre-child design aesthetic. And no kid on the planet could resist the siren call of this cherry red beauty. (Ecotots, $180)