Reviewed for Preschool, 2008

Butterfly Wings and Insect Capes

Preschool is the start of that golden age in childhood when simple costumes and props can transform a child into something magical. And guess what? All those wacky imaginings reap big rewards: pretend play is considered one of the most important steps in a child's development, not only serving as the foundation for creativity, but for problem solving and abstract thinking skills, as well. These gauzy, bright nylon wings make metamorphosis a snap, with elastic straps that allow children to slip them on and off themselves, without help from mom or dad. When your kid tires of being a butterfly, she can slip on a beetle, bee, or ladybug cape for an instant conversion, and a fun afternoon of insect adventure. (Hearthsong, Butterfly Wings: $12.98, Insect Cape: $16.98)