By Paper Bird Records

Reviewed for Preschool, 2008

Family Tree

If you like indie vocalists like Sarah McLaughlin and Shawn Colvin, or throwbacks like Edie Brickell, pop this disc into the CD-player, because you're going to love it just as much as your preschooler. The music feels like the breeze on your face as you pump your legs to swing tall on a hot summer day. A little folk, a little alt-rock, even a little bluegrass, you never know quite what to expect when each of the tracks kicks in, but here's what not to expect: cloyingly bubblegum music of the usual kid-CD variety. From dance-y numbers like Fast Train to Grandma's to soothing numbers like Family Tree, this album is just plain happy listening. A soothing songstress for preschoolers. Just don't be surprised if you're tempted to turn it up, even when your kid's not in the car. (Paper Bird Records, $15.00)