By Creativity for Kids

Reviewed for Preschool, 2008

Make Your Own Sock Puppets

With this kit in hand, kids can transform three fuzzy socks into a trio of colorful playthings, ripe for an impromptu show. Designed specifically for preschoolers, the box comes flush with wiggly eyes, self-adhesive fur, fluffy pom poms, and peel and stick shapes, and it requires no glue. Translation: no liquidy goop to clean up when the crafting's done! A blunt-end plastic needle gives preschoolers their first lesson in simple sewing, but all the components are so easy to add that they'll have a sense of accomplishment, while still working their eye-hand coordination, and pre-writing skills like grasping and manipulating. When the art's over, it's time for the second act: puppet play! Who knew three fuzzy socks could be so much fun? (Creativity for Kids, $18.00)