Reviewed for Second Grade, 2008

Barn Buddies

They may sound like just another line of stuffed toys, but these animals are real and in real need. Barn Buddies are neglected animals taken in by Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, a branch of the Humane Society of Missouri. This holiday season, consider giving your child a Barn Buddy Sponsorship, which provides feed, board and medical care to one very special animal, such as Mama, a Bay thoroughbred rescued from a semi-truck accident, or Pepe, a black sheep who was bottle-fed after his mother rejected him. Your child will learn about the health, personality, and background of his animal. If fate takes you to Missouri, he can visit his Barn Buddy in person. But if not, a Ranch Cam with an online feed allows your child to check in on his bud 24 hours a day! A great introduction to the pride that comes with generosity. (Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, sponsorships range from $25 to $400)