Reviewed for Second Grade, 2008

Powerwing Drifting Caster Scooter

Razor scooters zoomed into Kid World over a decade ago, with their lean shape and cool mini-wheels. Fast and tippy, they make for a great ride, but also an ouchy fall. Enter the “Powerwing,” Razor's newest innovation. Instead of standing on one foot while the other one “pumps,” a child puts both feet on colorful red side “wings” equipped with wheels on casters, and shifts weight from one foot to the other to get the scooter rolling. The whole rig still has Razor's original sleek black design, but with those extra wheels, as well as a handlebar with brakes, the old thrilling zip now has some extra security. This scooter handles with surprising speed and flex, offering fast and appealing turns. And not one of our testers had anything but good, safe, fun. While the Powerwing is marketed to kids as young as five, it's quite big for that age. We think the “sweet spot” is second or third grade, especially since it builds balance and directional skills that kids are solidifying at this age. Beware-- a scooter this cool may bring on some jealousy! A sixth grade tester liked it so much that he wanted to make it his own. The good news? This is a toy to keep, and enjoy, for years to come. (Razor, $99.99)