Reviewed for Second Grade, 2008

Educated Kid

This indie band of three hails from the Bay area, and while they aren't a household name (yet!), we're betting it won't be long. Handpicked to grace the kids' stage at Lollapalooza, it's no surprise that they've got a hip-factor that will keep parents rocking out along with their kids. What is surprising are all the cool facts the band manages to weave into the lyrics, whether it's nuggets about the Big Bang theory, paleontology, or geometry. Even the Dewey Decimal system gets a psychedelic sixties rock treatment here. But believe us, the music's so fantastic your kids will never feel they're being lectured. We've got a special place in our hearts for the title track,'s unofficial theme song, but the album's rock solid, from beginning to end. Blare it from your car speakers and try to sit still. We dare you. ($11.97)