Reviewed for Second Grade, 2008

Storytelling Game

Storytelling is an important activity for second graders, who are beginning to read more complex chapter books and write their own short stories.  This fast-paced memory game is a great way to get the literary juices flowing! Each player goes around the circle and adds to the story using one of the five playing cards in their hand, which depict living or nonliving things. "Once there was a cheeseburger who fell in love with a lobster beneath a lighthouse. The cheeseburger made a beautiful bride and the lobster became a professional golfer." Seems zany enough, but there's another twist: before laying down a new piece to the story, players have to start telling the story from the beginning, using the cards as visual reminders. It's a race to see who can get rid of all their cards first, while making interesting contributions to the story! The best part of the game is its flexibility - if your child is still struggling with reading, he can use the pictures on the cards to guide him in his storytelling. If your child is already a confident reader in English, he can use the Spanish and French text at the bottom of each card to learn vocabulary in another language. This is one game where the cards are always stacked in your favor! (International Playthings, $14.99)