Reviewed for Second Grade, 2008

Toy Dance Party

This early chapter book, a companion to Toys Go Out, is a delightful look into the secret lives of playthings. Lumphy, the stuffed buffalo, Stingray, the stuffed stingray and Plastic, a bouncy ball, are constantly seeking out the love and attention of the Girl, to whom they belong. The challenge is that the girl is beginning to grow up. They embark on great adventures to protect the Girl and each other, and would do just about anything to keep her from playing with the silent and unlovable barbies! Along the way they take time out to have dance parties with ridiculous songs sung by Frank the washing machine. Sure, it reminds us just a tiny bit of the Pixar hit, Toy Story, but these wonderful characters will capture your child's heart, and their silly antics will have your whole family laughing out loud. (Schwartz & Wade Books, $16.99)