By Klutz

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2008

The 15 Greatest Board Games in the World

No need to lug a duffel bag full of boardgames on your next vacation: this little volume packs fifteen of the greatest games of all time into a slim little package that can slide into a suitcase with room to spare. Kids can try their hand at King Louis of France's favorite (Solitaire), go back in time 4,500 years to play the Sumerian's Royal Game of Ur, or take a peak at a game found scratched onto the roof slabs of an Egyptian temple built in 1300 BC. The fifteen beautifully drawn boards are bound together back to back, with easy-to-follow directions, a touch of history about the country of origin and time period, and all the pieces required to play. A great way to get your game on, on the go, and sneak in a little culture, too! (Klutz, $12.85)