By Green Board Game Co.

Reviewed for High School, 2008


At first glance, this colorful wooden set looks more like a coffee table conversation piece than a board game. But despite its eye-catching aesthetic, Paradice is a complex and multifaceted strategy game that demands focus and creative visuo-spatial reasoning. Paradice takes place in a world of humans, forest spirits, and trees (each represented by a vibrant wooden gamepiece), and explores the complicated relationships that play out in a land of environmental resources. It's a cross between Chess and Parcheesi, set to the backdrop of a fantasy storyline which serves as a metaphor for todays' environmental challenges. Not only is the game green in color and concept, but it's sustainably manufactured. Those vibrant colors are produced using non-toxic dyes, not paint. Plus, it's crafted out of farmed pagoda birch, and not old-growth forests. So get some strategy in your teen's life, and make him a player in the game of protecting the planet. (See Through Games, $69.00).