By Ravensburger

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2012

Puzzle Ball Globe

For kids who love puzzles but need a little challenge, this spherical 3D puzzle is sure to please. The best part? It actually mounts as a spinning globe when it’s finished! The puzzle is not as complicated as it looks—all of the pieces are numbered in the order they go together, meaning you’ll never be truly stuck. Kids who want a big challenge can ignore the numbers on the back of each piece, but can always refer back to the numbers if they get stumped. We especially love that the finished glove is illustrated with tons of world geography information, including cities, capitals, landmarks and more. Perfect for young, eager explorers, the globe could also be a good study tool for older kids. Take care when putting in the final piece at the top; it does fit, but only when handled gently. (Ravensburger, $18.37)