By Feiwel & Friends

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2010

Kate McMullan, author of the preschool favorites "I Stink", "I'm Dirty", and more than 100 other books for children, is at it again. In this zany caper where the bus gets stuck in a ditch every single day and the kids have names like Abby Birthday, student Ron Faster finds life at school anything but normal. Janitor Iquit keeps piping up with important announcements when it's time to clean up spilled juice, and Gadys Friday is glad it's Monday. Underneath all the extreme silliness is a book full of word play, giving kids a chance to tease out the secrets and puns hidden in McCullan's text. George Booth's quirky cartoon illustrations add to the overall whimsy, making this a fun romp for even the most reluctant reader. (Feiwel and Friends, $12.99)