By Alex Toys

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2012

Silkscreen Factory

Some people pay hundreds of dollars for custom-made clothing. With the Silk Screen Factory kit from Alex, you only have to pay $11.49 for years of one-of-a-kind duds! This scaled-down silkscreen kit, about the size of an iPad, allows kids to paint a plethora of designs onto a garment of their choice, and the process couldn’t be easier. Choose a stencil—this kit includes flowers, fruit, abstract designs and more. Attach the silk to the frame and slide the stencil into place. Slather on the paint, and voila! Your kid just produced a custom-made piece of wearable art. This kit is a great way to breathe new life into shirts, bags and scarves that might have have fallen out of fashion with your budding tween and a sneaky way to convince them that art is cool—not just an elective they have to take. (Alex, $11.49)