By Smart Lab

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2010

Get spa-sational! Not just for girly girls, this all natural spa kit will delight young scientists as well. Filled with everything you need to concoct scrumptious spa treatments at home, this Spa Lab from SmartLab has tons of projects and recipes that are sure to satisfy the senses. The kit includes 4 bath bomb molds—Cupcake, Popsicle, and two Wrapped Candies—2 large and 2 small lidded pots, 2 plastic stir spoons, citric acid, and cosmetic-grade glitter to add some glam to your spa-licious goodies. It's perfect for young girls who are starting to grow up a little bit, but still totally fun and kid-friendly—and don't worry, we assure the kit won't encourage high-maintenance behavior! There's lots of learning here: not only do girls indulge in luxurious spa treatments, they also get to thinking about the science behind the beauty. A great idea for a spa birthday party, this kit offers more than enough to occupy a group of giddy girls for an evening. (Smart Lab, $19.97)