By PlayBac

Reviewed for First Grade, 2010

Forget store-bought stickers, here's a way to make your own! This handy sticker book provides everything a sticker-lover dreams of. There are stencils and backgrounds so kids can trace and cut out their own stickers, and all blank stickers that kids can decorate however they want. Rallying around a "things that go" theme, the collection has all sorts of vehicles, from airplanes to a make-your-own sailboat, but it doesn't stop there. It also offers hundreds of fruit and nature stickers so kids can get creative, combining things that may not seem to go together. How about a street light made from an apple, orange, and kiwi? Or a car with tomatoes for wheels? The possibilities are endless, and since the stickers are reusable, the fun never hits a red light. (Playbac, $8.95)