By Sevenly

Reviewed for High School, 2012

T-Shirts for a Cause

The mission? No biggie—they’re just hoping to change the world. The platform? A virtual fundraiser for the Earth’s most worthy charities, powered by the humble T-shirt. The vision? To “lead a generation towards intentional generosity and love for others.” Yep, that’s in a nutshell. Each week they launch a campaign for a new cause and release T-shirts you can buy to support it. For every shirt sold, they send $7 to the charity of the week and so far, they’ve raised over 1 million dollars. Sevenly launches 52 campaigns a year, with a goal of raising $15,000 per charity. Not only are the duds cool, but the site makes consumers feel a part of something, with ticking tallies that count down towards a communal goal, and messaging urging them to spread the word, not just buy. Let your teen get passionate about something: Whether it’s hunger, autism, clean water... there’s something here to spark engagement, and hopefully action well beyond the purchase of a T-shirt. (Sevenly, $22 and up)