By uKloo Kids Inc.

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2013

uKloo: Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

Say goodbye to storytime squabbles and hello to a fun-filled treasure hunt! Perfect for kids who aren’t crazy about books, uKloo offers early readers the chance to work on word recognition, phonics and comprehension in this engaging game. Hide clue cards around the house, and let young detectives follow the clues to reveal a surprise! As skills grow, so does the challenge—there are three levels of gameplay. The “Picture Helper” chart helps children decipher tricky words. For parents looking for extra practice with specific words, there are blank cards that can be filled in with brand-new clues. With its spy-like spin, uKloo appeals to pre-kids across the board, making reading fun for even the most reluctant readers. (uKloo Kids Inc., $15.99)