By Hachette Book Group

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2013

"When Did You See Her Last?"

This book is the second in the “All the Wrong Questions” series. The reviews say that reading the first book isn’t essential to understanding the second, but they also say that the book is much better enjoyed if you are already familiar with Lemony Snicket. As the narrator, Snicket befriends the reader immediately with his funny asides. Lemony Snicket books have a way of appealing to the child reader without talking down to her. Snicket’s style is also great for building vocabulary, with his asides often defining a new word by providing familiar synonyms. The characters are endearing, and the plot is whimsical, fast-paced, and unexpected through and through—a film noir-esque, Sherlock Holmesian detective story in a funhouse mirror. (Hachette $10.01)