By Wiggity Bang Games

Reviewed for Kindergarten, 2009

Whizizzle Phonics Card Game

Don't let the name fool you—this card game is a lot more fun than it sounds. A bit like the game Uno, but with words rather than numbers, players must match the cards in their hand either by vowel sound (for example, short e words like hen and red would be a match), beginning sound (words like pig and pen would be a match), or ending sound (words like hat and set would be a match). There are three decks of varying difficulty. The color of the cards indicates that they are in the same family, so beginners get visual clues to help them along. Wild cards wreak havoc by forcing opponents to skip turns, change the color or sound being played, and more. An extremely fun way to practice phonics. If you don't tell your child the name of the game, she'll never guess there's reading going on underneath all the mayhem. (Wiggity Bang Games, $13)