By Uncle Goose

Reviewed for Preschool, 2009

Wooden Blocks

These days, kids are surrounded 24/7 by high tech gizmos and beeping "educational" toys. What a joy to find these low-tech beauties—high quality wood blocks with embossed images. The alphabet blocks, a low-stress way to teach kids letters and numbers, will set you back $30, but they may just be the best thirty bucks you'll ever spend. The Nursery Rhymes blocks, with their whimsical silhouettes of Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, and the rest of the Mother Goose gang, plus the full rhymes, are a steal at $13. Made in the USA and painted with non-toxic inks, these blocks are likely to stick around for the next generation. (Uncle Goose, $13 - $30)