By Scholastic

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2010

It's two books in one! Stuart's Cape introduces us to Stuart, a mischievous yet charming little boy who is bored ... and bored little boys like to have adventures. Stuart decides to make himself a cape, and sure enough, adventures ensue! His toy dinosaur, gorilla and horse all come to life(-size!), his cat One-Tooth switches places with the garbage man and at one point, Stuart finds himself flying through the clouds. In Stuart Goes to School, the story continues all the way to school, where Stuart finds himself worrying about how to get everyone in his class to like him. The Amazing World of Stuart is a thoroughly entertaining book that will have both kids and adults laughing from the first page. Sara Pennypacker's delightfully clever writing coupled with Martin Matje's wonderfully silly illustrations make for a rip-roaring read. Ridiculously funny and full of imagination and whimsy, The Amazing World of Stuart is one of those great books that's simply a pleasure to read. (Scholastic, $5.99)